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What pages you need to use in a successful funnel.....

Hello and welcome to module 2 in setting up our 150 leads per day system.  Now, in this module I am going to show you how to set up your system pages. I have explained to you in a previous video how the entire marketing funnel or system works. you are going to be sending visitors to this automated funnel system and end up with the following outcomes. but what we are going to be doing here with the following steps is copy and pasting the individual pages we use in this system.  So let me explain to you in just a bit more detail how this marketing funnel works before we start copying pages. First of all, you will be sending traffic or visitors to the front end of this funnel which is called a capture page or squeeze page. These terms mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. Now, the purpose of this capture page is to get your visitor interested enough in what you have to offer to type in their email address and click the button. This will opt them in as a lead in your email m

How to copy/paste/import capture/squeeze pages share codes into Leads Leap Funnel Builder

Hello and welcome to the next step in this training to set up your 150 leads per day funnel system. In this video, we are simply going to copy the squeeze pages (otherwise known as capture pages) we talked about in the previous videos.  As we explained before, the capture pages are at the front end of your funnel and what you send traffic and visitors to. This squeeze page has the sole purpose of peaking peoples curiosity enough to submit their email address in order to learn more. I will show you how to copy the rest of the pages in later videos but I wanted to break this up to make it super easy to follow along. So, as you can see, we have multiple capture pages here and you can use some or all of these in pretty much any traffic source that you wish and as mentioned earlier, we will still be going over traffic in a later video so please don't get too hung up on that just yet. We currently have 5 capture pages available for you to copy. There may be more down the line but as of r


OH NOEZ! It appears that there have not been any new lessons added beyond this point! Please keep an eye out for more helpful content in the very near future. In the mean time, why don't you take a look at the handful of tasks below to keep ya busy? TASK #1 First of all, go ahead and join the Viral Stacking Facebook group. You are more than welcome to ask any questions there and we have a very supportive community who all really want to see each other succeed online! TASK #2 After that, I highly recommend that you subscribe to my YouTube channel I make lots of videos revealing loads of different tips, tricks, traffic sources and strategies. This channel will help you exponentially when it comes to sending traffic to you squeeze page of this amazing system. TASK #3 Lastly, make sure you are on my email list so I can give you a heads up whenever there is a new lesson added that may help you out! Get Your 150 Leads Per Day! Email Name Join our Facebook Group below: https://www.faceb

150 Leads Per Day Overview

  Hello and welcome to this 150 leads per day system overview where we are going to give you a brief overview of what this training will include and what to expect. With this powerful system you will be able to collect autopilot leads and commissions with only just a little bit of upfront work to set up your funnel and prime the system. Just a quick note here to remind to to please watch the videos on this page in order. If you don't watch them in order and skip over things, there will be a lot of information that will not make sense to you. So, make sure you watch them in order and it will be extremely simple and easy to follow along with a copy and paste approach to setting this all up. Hi, My name is Dan Watson I started trying to make money online several years ago and honestly, I jumped around way too much trying to throw everything against the wall and see what stuck. I tried just about every single approach and strategy that you can think of. It wasn't until I started bu

How To Activate Your Viral Traffic System

  Hello and welcome to the next step in getting your 150 Leads Per Day system set up.. Before we get started, please make sure you have completed the previous step by setting up your autopilot lead generation system. That is extremely crucial and if you didn't do that, please pause this video and go back and finish that first. It's crucial to follow these steps in order. Now, if you have already done that, let's continue on with the second step, which is activation the viral traffic system. It's also the platform we are going to be using to copy this entire funnel and you can do that for FREE! Now, in this step, you can leverage the efforts of you "150 Leads Per Day System" referrals  In order to get unlimited views to your Primary business or any website of your choice.  Now, just in case you don't have a primary business and you just want to use this system to build a full time online income, You are also covered here! Just follow the steps in order! Ima