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How To Get Perpetual Hands-Free Traffic From Traffic Exchanges

000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 The TRUTH About Traffic Exchanges: For most people Traffic Exchanges are  a terrible waste of time ... they'll spend hours on end, mindlessly clicking, trying to earn a few credits so they can get a few visitors to their own offers. Unfortunately most of the visitors will be people trying to promote their own stuff, so it's far from a receptive audience. Most of the time, that is. At EzHitzs, we take a very different approach to this subject, so it's important that you set these up exactly as we have laid out for you. By the time you're done, you'll see exactly how we'll use these sites to seriously leverage your efforts and  generate ongoing traffic, leads and sales with  no more huge amounts of consistent, daily traffic surfing ! What We're Doing Here... The Traffic Exchanges listed on this page each have some very useful features that the EzHitzs system will put to use in a way that means, you don't

Turbinance Banner Network Credit Generator

Turbinance   1 . CLICK TO REGISTER We'll use this Banner Exchange to generate massive exposure for you across a network of 300+ advertising websites. We'll be earning credits on full auto, plus there's some other simple ways to earn that can build up over time, so we'll get it set up and ready to go next. This is probably the banner exchange you'll get most credits on... it works very well with our system, plus you'll pick up extra credits from your EzHitzs referrals. For now, register, confirm your email and login. Grab your  USERNAME  and save it here. Click on  Banners Zone => Banner Manager  in the top menu to start adding your banners. You'll see there are currently options to add standard 468x60 banner and 125x125 buttons. You can use either. Our recommendations below are all 468x60, but you can use any of the 125x125 button ads provided by the various traffic sites if you prefer. If you have a few credits from signing up, you can assign them to you

How To Use Share My Ads As A Hands Free, Residual, Perpetual Traffic Generation Machine!

Share My Ads     CLICK TO REGISTER This banner exchange is a great addition to our hands free credit generators. We'll earn you credits on a number of our traffic pages, that you can use to show a number of non-standard banner sizes, which can really help your offers standout. Again this is 99% set-and-forget, so we'll get it set up now and you'll rarely need to look at it again, I promise! This site is relatively new and this means that there's not a huge membership-base just yet, but I'm expecting it's inclusion in EzHitzs will give it quite a bit of a boost... and long-term this could become one of our most productive traffic  generators . I particularly like the non-standard banner sizes and once again we're using our pass-up approach to ensure you'll get gargantuan sized amounts of credits as you grow your EzHitzs network.  For now, you should to register, confirm your email and login. Once inside you can grab your  Account ID Number  from the Accou