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The Power Of Residual Commissions

  The Power Of Residual Commissions...... You ever seem to notice that companies like streaming services, insurance services, phone companies, and internet providers can all seem to grow insanely fast and become unthinkably wealthy? The truth is that this is due to many factors but one factor I want to focus on that can make a huge difference in ANY bottom line is the fact they are all recurring expenses. Recurring billing can be a very powerful thing. This is even MORE true for an affiliate marketer! If you can promote a product as an affiliate, that means you will get a cut of the sale price as commission. However, if you are able to promote a service as an affiliate and it is in their terms of service, then you can possibly get commissions every time that customer is billed! Most recurring cost billing is done on a monthly basis. That means you would get a cut of that recurring bill the customer get month in and month out. This is extremely powerful because it really allows your inc

What Is A Funded Proposal For Online Internet Affiliate Direct Marketing?

How Does Prosperity Marketing System Act As A Funded Proposal? The Prosperity Marketing System is a great way to earn online. It is simple to use and only requires a few minutes of your time each day. The best part about it is that you can make money while you sleep after enough initial work has been put in. All you need to do is promote the Prosperity Marketing System to others and you can let the system handle the rest.  The Prosperity Marketing System also acts as a great funded proposal for your primary affiliate program or service that you may already be promoting. The key to ANY successful direct marketing strategy (regardless of if that is postcards, telemarketing, or email marketing) is finding a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd and scale your business as quickly as possible.  The funded proposal concept is now often thrown around in direct marketing circles. But do you know what it actually means? Many do not and I really want to head towards clearing up any and all

3 Common Excuses BUSTED!

3 Common Excuses BUSTED! I am going to be completely honest and transparent here and admit that I have promoted Prosperity Marketing System quite a bit and I have no intention of slowing down. However, in me doing so much promotion of this program, I have had quite a few conversations about it with a multitude of people. Some of those people were currently already involved with the program. Some of those people had been involved with the system in the past. But, most people I talk to about it have never even heard of it or at least did not know much about it. From this third and last group of people mentioned above, I tend to hear the exact same excuses as to why they are not sure about proceeding with Prosperity Marketing System.  (However, most of these people will have pretty much the exact same excuses for just about any helpful program you present them with!) I have decided to start making a list of the common concerns I hear about it as well as revealing the answers to these ques

What Is The Risk Factor Of Prosperity Marketing System?

Prosperity Marketing System Risk Evaluation: Let's be completely honest for a bit and discuss risk. More specifically, let's talk about the risk associated with the Prosperity Marketing System. Now you are going to run into most of these risks with a lot of programs and platforms but the key is to pay attention to just how much OF that risk are we talking about in comparison to other similar products or services. I am only going to cover a couple or so risk assessments at first in this article but will mostly likely come back and do more than one update on it as other risks are brought up and we can discuss those as well. RISK #1 Cost Lets talk about the biggest elephant in the room and that would be the cost. What is the cost risk? The cost risk in this case involves $12/monthly/ That isn't very terrible to begin with and just about anybody could spare the $12 to pay for the first month and surely within about a week at most, they would almost certainly have had enough tim