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EzBanEx Viral Banner Exchange Review, Tutorial, & Strategy

EzBanEx Viral Banner Exchange   CLICK TO REGISTER This is our brand new viral banner exchange. We've had issues with some 3rd-party programs so we decided to make our own. This one will reward you with direct referral rewards as well as bonus credits, based on the efforts of your referrals, down through 6 levels! We've made this  extra viral  and super  easy-to-use , so just register an account and grab your  ID Number . Save that in the form above and you'll start generating credits almost immediately Getting Your Member ID NUMBER This should be quite straight forward... click the link above, register a new account, login and look for your referral link on the Members Dashboard. Your member  ID NUMBER  will be the last four digits on the end, as shown below... Copy  JUST THE NUMBER   into the form at the top of this page and save. Adding Your Banners This is our own website, so we will be giving it priority-placement on a number of the EzHitzs traffic pages, to try and get