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Leads Leap Traffic Generator

LeadsLeap   1 . CLICK TO REGISTER This could be one of the most useful sites in your EzHitzs network. It offers a valuable portfolio of free tools and advertising that we will fully explore later on. For now we're just going to get it set up so you can generate ad credits that we'll use to send traffic back to EzHitzs. Sign up or log into your Leads Leap account by clicking the banner below: LeadsLeap (LLP) offers an amazing package of free tools, advertising and earning options. There's a lot to check out in the Members Area, but you don't want to get distracted. There'll be plenty of time to explore later. For now you should just register, confirm your email and then save your  Username  in the EZHitzs backoffice. Then look for  Advertising  in the left-hand menu, and click on  Post Credit Ads (Free) . For now we're just going to create one Credit Ad that will be shown automatically using credits generated on your various EzHitzs traffic pages. Again we use a

What Are Traffic Generators? How Do You Use Them To Create A Perpetual Traffic System?

Traffic Credit Generators: This entire process and strategy will be into several different sets of programs that all serve a very specific purpose. EzHitzs is big on reusing and recycling traffic, and this first set of websites are key for doing just that. After you create your accounts on these sites, we embed their content on many of your pages, earning you loads of hands-free traffic credits from every visitor who lands on any of your EzHitzs pages. You can set these up now with the provided built-in links, and as you complete the rest of your set up, those will start redirecting to the required pages automatically. Click the button below to get started... What We're Doing Here... All the websites on this page will give you advertising credits in exchange for showing their ad content on your own pages. It's a tried and tested approach that has been used for years, but most people work them way too hard for just a fraction of the traffic they could be getting.  We take a  VIR

EZHitzs Perpetual Traffic System Welcome, Intro & Tutorial

In this video, I just want to briefly touch on the back office to this amazing traffic generation strategy. I am not going to sit here and lie to you. There is a LOT to this back office. It's very simple in that almost every direction is to copy and paste. But as simple as this may be, it CAN indeed look intimidating and complex because there is so much to it. But the truth is, there is a reason it may seem so complex and that is because that's what it takes to really get a perpetual snowball of traffic that grows and grows and grows hands free over time. Now, I am going to be showing you SEVERAL ways that I AM using my hands to strap some nitrous and dynamite to this strategy and get it pumping out even more traffic in a lot shorter amount of time. So, buckle up, take a deep breath and try to relax as you follow me throughout this video as I give you a very comprehensive walk-through of the back office of this system. I will be showing you what is already set up and in place a