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What To Do If You Do NOT Want To EVER Surf A Single Site!

000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 O.K. By now, you have probably been through just about the entire setup process with me when it comes to EZHitzs. As you probably ALSO know, one of the last steps for the EZHitzs perpetual traffic strategy contains what we call a "Final Surf Serssion" This is exactly what it sounds like and includes one last final push to jumpstart your campaigns with as much manual traffic as possible. This of course is so you can do the entire strategy for completely free. Now, while it IS true that your efforts will be compounded if you upgrade in some traffic exchanges before your final surf session (even if just for the first month), there WILL be some of you who simply refuse to do any suirfing whatsoever for one reason or another. And for those people we have a very low cost but extremely efficient way to save you from even doing a single click worth of surfing! Read on to find out more!   Step 1:  You’ll need to become a member of  Power A