EzBanEx Viral Banner Exchange Review, Tutorial, & Strategy

EzBanEx Viral Banner Exchange


This is our brand new viral banner exchange. We've had issues with some 3rd-party programs so we decided to make our own. This one will reward you with direct referral rewards as well as bonus credits, based on the efforts of your referrals, down through 6 levels!

We've made this extra viral and super easy-to-use, so just register an account and grab your ID Number. Save that in the form above and you'll start generating credits almost immediately

Getting Your Member ID NUMBER

This should be quite straight forward... click the link above, register a new account, login and look for your referral link on the Members Dashboard. Your member ID NUMBER will be the last four digits on the end, as shown below...

Copy JUST THE NUMBER  into the form at the top of this page and save.

Adding Your Banners

This is our own website, so we will be giving it priority-placement on a number of the EzHitzs traffic pages, to try and get you some extra external referrals. So in time you'll likely earn more credits here than all the others combined. At the moment though, it is quite new and we don't have a lot of users showing our Exchange Codes on their websites just yet... so it could be a bit slow turning those credits into banner impressions.

Even so, you should login and add the banners below immediately so they are ready to go as soon as you complete this set up. Login and click on Banner Manager...

This is a fairly standard file upload form...

1. Click the Browse button to locate the image on your computer. Make sure it is one of the sizes shown above.

2. Enter the FULL URL for the page you want to link the banner to. It must start with https://

3. Select the appropriate banner size..

And click Upload Banner.

Once the file uploads it will show up in your banner list. Make sure it looks right and is not distorted at all. Then click on it to make sure the Target URL loads correctly. Any problems at all, just delete the image and start over.

About The Banner Sizes

EzBanEx gives you 9 different sizes to choose from. Ther first is the standard 468x60 banner you see everywhere in the Make Money Online (MMO) space but the others below that are much more popular across the internet in general. As such they'll have considerably more impact, once we get our Banner Exchange Codes published far and wide...

So we are going to start with standard 468x60 banners today, but at some stage you should plan on swapping these out for other sized ads for other programs... once your EzHitzs network is up and running.

You will have 1000 credits available for signing up, so you can assign those to your banners now, and set yourself a reminder to call back and assign more credits as you earn them.

With EzBanEx you do need to upload the banners to their server, so make sure you download then to your computer first. Just right-click on the images below and 'Save As' ... I usually save them to my desktop for easy access, then just put them in the trash after I've uploaded them.

1. Simple Ads Strategy - 468x60px Banner

Link URL:           https://ezhitzs.com/simpleads.asp?r=1304

Banner URL:      https://ezhitzs.com/img/ezhstop.gif

2.  Simple Cashflow Strategy - 468x60px Banner

Link URL:         https://ezhitzs.com/simpleviral.asp?r=1304

Banner URL:    https://ezhitzs.com/img/ezhtraffic.gif


3. Downline Builder Strategy - 468x60px Banner

Link URL:       https://ezhitzs.com/simpledownlines.asp?r=1304 

Banner URL:  https://ezhitzs.com/img/ezhviral.gif


Publishing The Banner Exchange Codes

If you have your own website or blog, you can click on Earn Banner Credits on the dashboard and grab your UNIQUE BANNER CODES for all the different Ad Sizes. If you can add any of these to ANY webpage or blog you own, it will be a huge help in getting this up and running. Make sure you use the codes that include your referral link!

Keep in mind, you earn more credit for showing the non-standard banner sizes, so if you do this, make sure you mix it up to maximize your earnings!

If You Don't Have A Website or Blog...

If you don't have anywhere to publish the Banner Exchange Codes, you'll really want to bring in some non-EzHitzs referrals, to ensure you've still got lots of people with website or blogs in your downline.

You earn bonus credits based on the activity of your referrals, and their referrals, down over 6 levels, so if your downline is all EzHitzs members, you'll definitely do OK, but the more non-EzHitzs people you have working in your downline, the better!


Purchasing Extra Banner Slots & Upgrades: 

The basic account gives you three banner slots. You can purchase a package of extra banner slots and some bulk credits with a one-time payment if you want more. The prices are currently discounted for the launch. There are also a couple of Upgrade Options, two of which are currently one-time payments for lifetime benefits, so you might want to look those over as well.

Make sure you're three banners are showing and always test the links to be safe. Also check that any available credits are assigned, and that you've saved your login information.

That's it for this site for now...

We're currently embedding our Banner Exchange codes on EzHitzs shortly, so you'll start earning credits automatically as soon as visitors start hitting any of your EzHitzs pages... which will be a whole lot of people by the time you finish setting this up! If you have NOT already signed up, you can get a FREE account by simply clicking the banner below:

Easy Viral Banner Traffic

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