What To Do If You Do NOT Want To EVER Surf A Single Site!



By now, you have probably been through just about the entire setup process with me when it comes to EZHitzs. As you probably ALSO know, one of the last steps for the EZHitzs perpetual traffic strategy contains what we call a "Final Surf Serssion"

This is exactly what it sounds like and includes one last final push to jumpstart your campaigns with as much manual traffic as possible. This of course is so you can do the entire strategy for completely free. Now, while it IS true that your efforts will be compounded if you upgrade in some traffic exchanges before your final surf session (even if just for the first month), there WILL be some of you who simply refuse to do any suirfing whatsoever for one reason or another. And for those people we have a very low cost but extremely efficient way to save you from even doing a single click worth of surfing! Read on to find out more!


Step 1: You’ll need to become a member of Power Ad Profits, and buy one of the ad packages. This is required for this to work.


They have two available. One costs $49 dollars, and gets you 500,000 visitor surf credits and 500,000 banner credits.


The second one costs $99 dollars, and gets you 1,000,000 visitor surf credits and 1,000,000 banner credits.


I HIGHLY recommend getting the green jumbo package. But either one will work. You can always buy more in the future.


This site alone is well worth it for generating leads and sales. 2 million ad credits is A LOT. But added on to what we’ll be doing, puts it on steroids.

Disclaimer: This traffic only works for the make money at home niche, crypto, or lead generation. This will not work for shopify, amazon, ClickBank, or selling physical products. 

Step 2: Next, you’re going to need some links for this automated traffic system to work.

For this example, we will use a few very specific links. 

They are as follows:


This is my T.A.B. link for Genie Co-op


This is my T.A.B. link for my AdCardz pages


Step 3: How to Set up Your Ads On Power Ad Profits


This step is very important. Your links on Power Ad Profits get added to a rotator. 


If you've never had any experience with rotators. They at times can be slow at generating traffic, because everyone's link is on it.


And there's thousands of members links on this rotator, so you can imagine, that's a lot of people you're sharing with.


The good news is, there's a work around to this. You are allowed to set up unlimited links! No approval required, either!


You want to set up a lot to get bulk hits fast. This can take less than an hour to set up.

You will want to set up (your own URLs) of the five Traffic Ad Bar links above.

After you have set up those five, Then set up each of those five yet again, again, and again.

You will ultimately want each of your five Traffic Ad Bar links listed a hundred times.


So, this is why I aim for is anywhere between 300-500 active links. Anywhere round that number will get you a solid chunk of traffic daily.


Don't worry thinking adding multiple links means you'll have a bunch of duplicated and less quality traffic.


They will almost always still be unique, no matter how many sites you add, because you're on a large rotator. I track the traffic myself, and its almost always unique.


The admin owns a lot of sites herself, so she can deliver a large amount of hits fast to quite a large variety of different websites.


You will want to aim for getting at LEAST 1,000 hits a day.  Anywhere over 2,000 hits per day from Power Ad Profits is far more ideal.


If you only add each one of those 5 links one time, your daily number of hits you get will not be that many and it will literally take YEARS to go through all those credits and this is not what we want at all!


You can set up any number of active links that you want, but I'd go at LEAST 300-500, and maybe even more. 


There's one thing though, Power Ad Profits doesn't have analytics setup to see how much traffic you're getting.


Thankfully, Traffic Ad Bar will show you EXACTLY how many hits you are getting each day to each one of your T.A.B. links.


If you want more traffic daily, just add more sets of those 5 specific T.A.B. links. You can also delete, add, subtract credits, anytime you like.


Especially, if you want to use this for other traffic sources other than Power Ad Profits.


 Again, 300-500 at links set up minimum is how many active links you should add. Assign about 1,000-2,000 credits to each link that you set up.

Yes, it will take each link a long time to deliver all 1,000-2,000 hits to each link but this is EXACTLY why we want close to 500 links set up all together and delivering all those credits very consistently each and every day!


How This All Works


You see, when using the EZHitzs perpetual traffic strategy, every single view you’re generating, doesn’t get wasted. You’re multiplying your traffic over and over again.


That doesn't include all the traffic you're getting from Power Ad Profits.


And that's just to start, yes, you can even generate more viral traffic, more details later...


If that isn't getting your heart pumping faster, and getting you really excited. Let me say it again. You're getting MILLIONS of impressions!!!!!! Plural. Lots of traffic!


Even if you're not a fan of traffic exchanges (which is what power ad profits uses, your link gets put in a rotator and its promoted on many traffic exchange sites).


Getting a million hits, is going to be a big deal for your online business. That's a lot of traffic, and unless you have the worst ad setup ever, you're probably going to generate leads and sales to your business.


Adding onto those hits to generate millions of more impressions, is going to be even bigger.


Think big picture, 1,000,000 ads is A LOT. And when you multiple it with all the banner and text impressions, its MASSIVE!


It will take some time to go through that much traffic. So don't think within one week, you'll have millions of impressions.


But you'll have a nice amount of traffic though in no-time.



And you don’t even have to upgrade to the other trafficsites inside EZHitzs until you start generating some ROI commissions from promoting all your EZHitzs content pages, (using your Traffic Ad Bar links) or just whenever you feel comfortable.


You’re free to do as you wish, you don’t have to upgrade to any of them.


But just remember, if you never plan on upgrading at all, you really can’t expect your referrals to do the same.


I’m encouraging this so everyone can do well, earn well, and generate a lot of traffic.


So if you use this Power Ad Profits strategy, and doing well generating a few sales and commissions, it won’t hurt you upgrading your membership to some of the traffic sites in the back office of EZHitzs in the future. It helps everyone that promotes this, to be honest.


Not just your referrer, but yourself, by generating a lot more traffic in the process!



Why Use Power Ad Profits


If you're wondering if the traffic delivered by Power Ad Profits is any good....... 

The answer is Yes, I'm getting verified leads

and sales just from the Power Ad Profits traffic alone!


Power ad profits alone is worth this. But combining it with promoting our T.A.B. links promoting our EZHitzs content pages makes it exponentially better!


The owner of Power Ad Profits has been in the marketing business for over 20 years. She has launched a lot of popular products, this one I think by far her best yet. She's trusted, honest, nice, and not going anywhere. We are in good hands.


One of the best features of this platform is that you can even sell your traffic! They have done for you splash pages, where you can edit them, put in your preferred payment processor and start selling traffic packages anyway you see fit. You determine how much you want to sell, and set the price. No middle man. Easy as can be!


Best part, it will be promoted for you! Since it can be added to the admin rotator, and will be promoted on other sites. That's why I recommend buying the largest package!


So you can use this strategy here, and sell traffic too, if you like. Every thing you need to make money is here.


Some other great features, is that you can surf for more credits, and the

more you surf, you are given a huge credit bonus. Each bonus gives

you a lot more credits than the previous bonus.


Every paid referral brings in 100 more credits. So, there are more than a few ways to duplicate even more traffic with this strategy.



Can't I Just Use Traffic Exchanges And Auto Surf Sites?


You can use traffic exchanges, but it would take A LOT of manual work.


Hours a day, and even still, the results would take awhile, even if you're using multiple sites.


Or have a software that allows you to generate fast clicks. I've tried them all with this, its a lot of work...


Auto surf sites, it really won't work very well. Because you will not get an even amount of decent hits, because the traffic is low quality.


Often it takes 25 auto surf hits to generate just one impression. That's just not worth it..


Traffic G doesn't work at all on auto surf sites either.


And do you really want your ads on auto surf pages? Technically, its not going to get your accounts banned using them, but the strategy won't work very well.


This has been tried and tested.


Remember, you also get 500,000 or 1,000,000 banner impressions, depending on which package you got on power ad profits.



And members will not click on the banners.. Even if they're members of power ad profits, you can still build referrals to the other programs listed here.



Banner Ads



You're all ready to rock n' roll!


This is a lot to chew on, go over it a few times if needed, let it sink in how powerful this is and ask yourself 'Can this help my online business?'


If yes, then what are you waiting for? Take action!


Good Luck!

If you have been looking for the best way to create a hands free, perpetual traffic generation machine, then I would highly suggest that you take a look at the EZHitz strategy. I have been using it myself for months now and my results just get better and better especially after adding the slight modifications I have to this strategy. Join me in creating a growing, accelerating source of traffic that will last for years to come and only get stronger and faster over time. Simply click the banner below to get started today!



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