Premium Solo Ad Traffic: Get a LIFETIME Supply of Paid Solo Ads

Perpetual Solo Ads When we set up your account on Udimi, I pointed out that it was one of the best paid traffic sources that pros rely on. It gets your message into the inboxes of receptive buyers, quickly and reliably. The catch is, it's not cheap. Well this next step is your chance to make a Small One-Time Investment that will return a lifetime supply of FREE Udimi Solo Ads! Generate Unlimited Premium Solo Ads We're going to use another  Passed-Up Referrals  strategy here, similar to the approach we used earlier with your Traffic Generators. This time though, you're going to  pass  one Solo Ad to your referrer, now, so you can get  unlimited  Solo Ads back, later on  from all of your own referrals . The Credit Generators were (hopefully) an easy decision, since it cost you nothing up-front... except a small portion of your credits. The system generates those credits for you anyway... so it should have been a  no-brainer . This Solo Ads strategy is going to take a slightly

How To Set Up ViralAdCardz For Perpetual Traffic!

Viral Ad Stacking This is by far the most complex part of the EzHitzs set up, but we've broken it down to a few easy steps you'll repeat a number of times. Please just take your time and work it  one step at a time , and you'll be fine. This is one of the most important components of your EzHitzs traffic system, so please,  take as long as you need  to work through it carefully & completely. Any extra time you spend on this to  create unique ad content  will come back to you many, many times over, so do not rush it. Viral AdCards Strategy Hopefully you recognised the potential in the Viral AdCardz system when you created your first AdCard earlier. That system is already embedded in your network and the work you've already done, will feed that system and generate some pretty useful results.  But we can do even better! In this Wizard, we're going to create a series of AdCards for a mix of your EzHitzs pages and your Portfolio Programs. We're also going to  sta