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This could be one of the most useful sites in your EzHitzs network. It offers a valuable portfolio of free tools and advertising that we will fully explore later on. For now we're just going to get it set up so you can generate ad credits that we'll use to send traffic back to EzHitzs.

Sign up or log into your Leads Leap account by clicking the banner below:

LeadsLeap (LLP) offers an amazing package of free tools, advertising and earning options. There's a lot to check out in the Members Area, but you don't want to get distracted. There'll be plenty of time to explore later.

For now you should just register, confirm your email and then save your Username in the EZHitzs backoffice.

Then look for Advertising in the left-hand menu, and click on Post Credit Ads (Free).

For now we're just going to create one Credit Ad that will be shown automatically using credits generated on your various EzHitzs traffic pages. Again we use a pass-up system to seriously leverage your efforts and get you significantly more credits as your EzHitzs network grows.

There's a fair bit of info required, but if you take your time and do it right... and make your content unique...  this will work well for you indefinitely. The URL and ad details below have been tested to meet all requirements... you should tweak the content to make it your own, but please stick with this general format & style to be safe.

1. URL:   https://ezhitzs.com/simpleviral.asp?r=1304

(YOUR EZHitzs link will have a slightly different number at the end so make sure to log in and copy the correct link. I am just using mine here for example purposes ONLY!

2. Catchy Title: Max 25 Characters, mix it up!

Simple Viral Traffic

Viral Traffic Strategy

Perpetual Viral Traffic

3. Ad Text: Max 60 Characters, mix it up!

Check out this free, copy-and-paste viral traffic system

Set & forget viral traffic? It's easier than you think!

Stop clicking for credits. Create traffic systems instead!

4. Ad Image:  Upload a clear, relevant image, at least 300x250px.

Important! Find one of your own. Go to one of the freestock libraries like Pixabay or UnSplash and find an interesting image that's a real eye-catcher, even at a small size. It needs to be at least 300x250px to submit here, but it will be shown much smaller, so make sure it looks good!

Remember, a lot of ExHitzs members will be creating similar ads, so the best way to make yours standout will be to use a great, unique image!

Don't feel you have to use the same old 'business' stock images either. ANYTHING strong, interesting and unique will get you clicks. Just make sure it's somewhat 'relevant' so your ad gets approved!

5. Category: Select a suitable option based on your ad copy.

6. Link To Your Social Review: Leave on Automatic.

Social Reviews are a Pro Member feature, so if you ever decide to upgrade, make sure you write one for EzHitzs for even more free traffic from Leads Leap members and the mainstream search engines.

7. Preload Credits: Add any you might have, and check the Auto Mode checkbox.

Save and submit!

That's it for now. As mentioned before, there is a lot here, most of it free, including a basic autoresponder, link tracking, page, form and funnel builders, and a whole lot more. You definitely don't want to get sidetracked here now though... so leave it for now and we'll check back later once your EzHitzs network is fully activated, to check your ad is showing and to explore the rest of your options.

Sign up or log into your Leads Leap account by clicking the banner below:

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