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In this video, we are going to start our first setup process which is activating the leads leveraging system and can also be used to generate some of those viral commissions I talked about in a previous video.

But, first of all, please make sure you have watched the previous video before you continue watching this one. 

So pay very close attention. Stay away from any distractions and give me your undivided attention for the duration of this video. The information I am going to lay out is extremely important for you to see and understand.

So turn off your phone and put it away
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Now let's start with problems most people face who want to start making money online.

As we mentioned before the first problem is building a big email list

Now building your email list one by one normally takes a really  long time.
It can actually still take several years even if you already know what you are doing and taking consistent action.

(Ask me how I know!)
When you send targeted traffic to your squeeze page, (that's a web page that's designed to collect people's email addresses) a percentage of those people will  enter their email, then they will become a subscriber to your email list.

So as you have to send more and more visitors to your squeeze page to build your email subscribers list, this is going to take a very long time and it's going to be a slow way to build your list.  

For example if you want to build a relatively small email list of 6,000 subscribers, and I consider this a relatively small list because some marketers have 50,000 or 100,000 or more people on their email list. Some even have over a million people on their email list! 

So in order to get those 6,000 subscribers on your list, let's assume for the sake of example that your opt in  conversion rate on your squeeze page is 30% just for the sake of math, then that means you need to send 20,000 highly targeted visitors to your squeeze page and that's not always easy. Especially for beginners. Less targeted traffic may be a bit easier but keep in mind your conversion rate will be even less!

So let's say you have been doing this for a little bit and you are very consistent in your efforts, you might be able to manage to drive 25 highly targeted visitors to your squeeze page each and every day. That means you are sending roughly 9,000 highly targeted visitors to your squeeze page every year. And using a 30% opt in rate for our example, that works out to around 2,700 leads (or email subscribers) per year. That means you will need over 2 full years to build an email list over 6,000 subs which is a long time and will take you a lot of effort. And that I IF you know what you are doing and are very consistent driving high quality traffic. 25 HIGHLY targeted visitors every day can be a lot more expensive than you might think.

(Think a couple hundred bucks or more each month or a few thousand bucks per year!) 

You also have to keep in mind you need to keep tracking and improving your results over time.

So now that we know the problem, let's talk about a solution. How to build a big email list even if you are a total newbie who may not have a lot of experience or  resources.

The answer is to use a list leveraging system that will FORCE other people to build your email list FOR YOU for 100% FREE!

Sounds intriguing yet?
Well, let me show you a little example of how this system works. 

It's starts with you consistently generating traffic and sending it to your squeeze page or capture page (whatever you want to call it) by the way we have already created that part for you) and once you get people to submit their email address and subscribe they will be added to your list. That part is obvious up to this point but what is going to happen on the back end is a portion or percentage of these subscribers are going to decide to join and use the same strategy that you are and they will get a copy of the same list leveraging system and they will start generating and driving traffic as well to THEIR capture pages. 

Let's start with this first one here. This is a person who submitted their email to be on your list. We will call him Joe. Joe likes your list leveraging strategy and  starts driving traffic to his capture page and generating leads. those leads or subscribers will be added to Joe's own  email list. And at the same time, the leads that Joe collects into his email list will be automatically added into YOUR email list as well! So you will be getting the same leads that Joe does.

 And the same thing applies to all the people that Joe's list refers and collects as leads as well. And all we have to do is just keep generating traffic to OUR capture pages to feed this funnel and grow the results faster and faster over time and the system always convert a portion of them automatically in the back end without any additional effort by you whatsoever

And this isn't just limited to the three levels you see here, this is just an example. It could be 10, 15 20 a hundred or even more. It all depends on how much traffic you keep driving to your own capture page on the front end. The more traffic you send to your own capture page, the more leads of your own you get and the more of your own leads you get, the more of those leads will start doing the exact same thing and the more active members you have on your front line, the more and more of their own leads will be added to your email list as well and all on autopilot.
Do you see how powerful this is?

Now let's just go through a hypothetical example to show you just how powerful this system can be. And the potential number of leads that you will be able to collect by leveraging other people's efforts.

Ok, first of all for this hypothetical example, let's assume that you take consistent action and you personally  can get about 7 people to submit their email into your capture page each day. That would work out to roughly 200 leads per month. (Which isn't terrible by the way)
It's very realistic and anybody can do that if they focus even do it for absolutely free if you don't want to invest in paid traffic and we will talk about that a little further on.

And let's assume that only 5% of the leads that you personally capture into your own email list are active decide that they want to use the same list leveraging system you are.  Lets also assume that they are complete newbies not quite as experienced as you and instead of being able to collect 7 leads per day like you, lets say they can only generate only  5 leads per day.  

We cant expect that 100% of your leads that you refer will be active so 5% of your leads I believe is very conservative and yet very realistic. So let's see how this is going to work.

You see the first month here and after the first month, you will have collected 200 leads, assuming you can average about 7 leads per day. We will talk about even MORE numbers here in just a bit. Now 5% of your 200 leads are action takers and that will be 10 referrals that are active. Then that means those 10 active referrals can earn you an extra 50 extra autopilot leads every single day. (And remember, in this example, your referrals are only collecting 5 leads per day! That means from the effort of those 10 action taker referrals you have, you will collect roughly 1,500 extra autopilot leads per month! So you only generated a measly 200 leads on the front end and in the back end you collected 1,500 EXTRA email subscribers based on the efforts of only those 10 active referrals out of your original 200! 

Do you see how powerful this kind of list leverage can be?  

Now let's take a look at your second month. The second month, you still keep doing your consistent daily actions to drive traffic to your capture page and you collect another 200 leads which gives you a total of 400 personal leads you collected. We will still assume that only 5% of your personal leads become referrals and take action in this list leveraging system. That gives you a total of 20 total personally referred action takers and we will again assume that those 20 action takers can only manage to collect 5 leads each per day. That means you are now getting a total of  100 extra autopilot leads each and every day. That's works out to a total of 3,000 extra autopilot leads per month that you are averaging! 

Now let's talk about the third month. Lets say in the third month, you are able to generate an additional 200 personal leads that you collected yourself still assuming that you can average about 7 each day on your own.

That now puts you at a total of 600 personally collected leads you now from from driving traffic to your own capture page. Still following our example, 5% of those 600 personally collected email list subscribers will become an active referral and start using the same list leverage. That means you now have a grand total of only 30 action takers who will go out and drive traffic to their own capture pages and average collecting about 5 leads each day for each one of your now 30 action takers. With each of those 30 action takers managing to collect about 5 personal referrals each day, that means you will receive roughly 150 extra autopilot leads delivered to you each day (remember, that's on TOP of your 7 per day that you collect from your own traffic driving efforts!) So after month 3, you should be averaging at least  4,500 extra autopilot leads per month going into month 4. 

Now, with this example, we have been hard at work driving tons of traffic to our own squeeze page and getting about 7 people to opt in with their email address on our page every single day for 3 months straight. 

In order to create an even MORE conservative example, let's say that collecting 7 leads per day is a bit more than you can easily accomplish. Let's assume you can only average about 5 people opting into your own squeeze page each day. This would take us out to 4 months instead of 3. Still not a terribly long time at all.

Does 5 people a day STILL sound a little out of reach for you? Maybe you are brand new at this, have never built a list before and have no idea how to drive traffic. We'll, don't worry. I will be giving you TONS of tips, tricks, ideas and strategies when it comes to driving traffic to your own squeeze pages here shortly. But let's say you still cannot quite manage 5 new email subscribers each day. Let's say you can only average about 4 opt ins to your own personal capture page each day. That would only take you an extra 30 days to reach 600 personally collected email subscriber leads. That's still only 5 months total.

One more example and then we will look at some totals. Let's assume you are brand spanking new to list building but you follow this training, you watch my videos on YouTube, you USE the free traffic promo codes I'm going to send you and you really stick with it. It should NOT be too difficult to send enough traffic to your squeeze page to collect only 3 people to opt into your own capture page and become your own personal email subscribers but you still get lucky and can manage to get 4 new leads on some days. That's still only a hair over 6 month for you to get to that goal of 600 personally collected leads. 

Let's look at some totals:

So in a worst case scenario, let's say it takes you about 6 months to generate enough traffic to collect a total of 600 personally collected email leads. Your total number of active members that have taken action and decided to use this list leveraging this system themselves are about 30 people. Your should be getting an extra 150 autopilot leads every day at this point from leveraging the efforts of only your 30 action takers that are collecting only 5 email leads each day themselves. That means the total number of EXTRA autopilot leads you have received up to this point is 9,000 new list subscribers! In ADDITION to the only 600 you collected yourself! That's works out to a personal email list size of about 9,600 subscribers! All in about 6 months or less! I really hope that by now you are starting to get excited because this is really really powerful stuff. 

Remember in our original example of doing this all yourself, it took us over TWO FREAKING YEARS to reach a scrawny list size of only 6,000. Using the list leveraging system, we have built a MUCH larger list of almost 10,000 people in only about 6 months! 

Now up to this point hopefully you can see that this system solves the first two problems. and those are:

Building a big list

Leveraging other peoples efforts

Because now you are using OTHER peoples efforts in order to build your OWN email list

There is a fact here that there are SO many other ways to solve those two problems but the vast majority of them are NOT newbie friendly at ALL!

The FREE system that we are going to be using to solve those two problems is called  5 figure day. and you can sign up for a free account by either clicking the link or button under this video. So all you have to do is click that, and the page will open in a new tab. 

Now once that page opens, all you need to do is just submit your primary email address here. Once you do that, simply click on this button that says "Instant Free Access" After that, you will be directed to a page with two options. You need to select the first option in order to get the free system. At that point, you should receive an email from 5 figure day with your login information. Once you log into 5 figure day, you will be presented with an option to upgrade to VIP within their system. Let me say right here that is OCMPLETELY optional and not necessary at all to make this system work. It's completely up to you. Just watch the video that they offer and see if its an offer that's right for you. Its a one time cost that allows you to make a lot more commissions on the back end. If you want to go for it, that's great but if not you can still use this system to get other people to build your email list for you. for free.

Now that we are at the end of this video, if you have completed everything and signed up for 5 figure day, then what you need to do is scroll down to step #2  and I will see you on that video. Please make sure you have completed everything in this video before moving on but once you do, you can proceed to Step 2 and I will see you there, my friend!


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