How To Get A FREE Upgrade On Actual Hits 4 U!



This is another traffic exchange that can help dramatically when it comes to your "Final Surf Session". Especially when I show you how to get an upgrade for absolutely FREE!

This one doesn't pay out a lot of credits for your downline referrals surfing efforts but when I show you (AND YOUR REFERRALS) how to get an upgrade for absolutely FREE, the affiliate commission structure means they can still add up extremely quickly once you get a bit of depth in your EzHitzs network with a few active referrals. Again this is all activated and driven by our 'Final Surf Session', so make sure you see this process all the way through for best possible results.

For now it's the same process... register, confirm your email and login.

1. Add Your Websites

Next click on TE Advertising from the menu at the top and then TE Websites in the drop down menu. At this point, we are going to add 3 links. These are going to be the same three links we have been using with other traffic exchanges so this should not be too difficult at all

Website #1. Your GenieCo-op Co-op Link


                       Make sure this matches the full Rotator Link that you copied to your Scrapbook file previously.

Title:               Genie Co-Op


Website #2.  Your EzHitzs Content Page Rotator

Title:                EZHitzs Content



Website #3.  Your EzHitzs Offer Rotator

Title:                My Offers


The link above will rotate between your Offer links, sending visitors to your Link #1 for 50% of the time, Link #2 for 33% of the time, and Link #3 for 17% of the time.

If you have credits available, you can assign them equally to all three links. 

2. Add Your Banner

Over time you will accumulate a few banner credits here, mostly only from login bonuses and surf prizes when you do your 'Final Surf Session'. 

Either way, take a moment to add a banner of EzHitzs now, so it's done and ready to go as required...

Banner Name:   EzHitzs Banner

Banner URL:

Site URL: 

If you've got any IMPRESSIONS available, you can assign them now, otherwise just remember to check in later after your 'Final Surf Session' to check your available credits and assign your impressions.

3. Secret Upgrade Hack......

Watch the video in its entirety and I will show you how to get your first month upgrade for completely FREE! This will help you exponentially when you go to do you :Final Surf Session". (I have a LOT of other little tricks to help you with this in addition to all the tricks I have shown you so far so make sure and stay tuned and check your email everyday!

The first thing you should do after joining is to claim the daily promo code which you will see on the dashboard when logged in. This will give you some extra traffic bonuses. To get the daily bonuses you need to surf 250 pages in one day. 

You do NOT need to do this everyday forever but only during the first week while you are doing your final surf session(s). So lets assume you do that for 4 days to get the $13 bonus….. you will also have $1 added to your account when you activated it. You will use this cash bonus to purchase the level 1 upgrade which costs $7.95 per month (but using the piggy bank on site means no card required etc).

This qualifies you for 20% commission and 5% ad credits from your referrals. You will earn $1.59 with 1 referral who does the same as you (joins, surfs and upgrades using bonus funds). You will also earn 50 ad credits from their surfing. This gives you enough money to pay for another 1 month upgrade. To maintain this cycle you need to work on gaining a total of 5 free referrals to cover the $7.95 upgrade cost. Those referrals need to be willing to surf 1000 pages and start their own perpetual traffic system. Considering millions of people surf daily for ad credits this is not a difficult task.

If you do not already have an active account with Actual Hits 4 U, then you can sign up for a FREE account by simply clicking the banner below:

If you have been looking for the best way to create a hands free, perpetual traffic generation machine, then I would highly suggest that you take a look at the EZHitz strategy. I have been using it myself for months now and my results just get better and better especially after adding the slight modifications I have to this strategy. Join me in creating a growing, accelerating source of traffic that will last for years to come and only get stronger and faster over time. Simply click the banner below to get started today!



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